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Country singer-songwriter Whey Jennings was born into one of country music’s most iconic family names, as he first emerged in 2012 as another naturally gifted singer from the Jennings tribe. With large boots to fill, the young Dirt Rock Empire recording artist with a booming baritone voice as big as Texas, finds himself with a few expectations to live up to. Seeking to establish his own musical legacy as one of the few remaining torch-bearing country traditionalists out there, Whey can instantly take his fans back to a time and sound his Grandfather Waylon and Grandmother Jessi gave birth to in the 70’s.

Whey has two studio recorded EP releases under his belt, 2020’s Gypsy Soul and 2022’s If It Wasn’t for The Sinnin’, both which revealed musical stories of how Whey was coming to terms with a partying lifestyle, knowing he needed to make a change. On his third EP, Just Before The Dawn, out September 22, 2023, Whey shares more stories about his struggles with addiction, finding sobriety, and redemption through faith, family and friends. Interjecting his own modern-day approach to songwriting and storytelling, while staying rough around the edges with an unpolished grit and honest demeanor, Whey’s musical roots run as deep as his family’s name would imply.

“Out of 42 years on this earth I lived 38 of them in the darkness,” Whey recalled. “I was pretty well a functioning drug addict and an alcoholic. I found the light three years ago by the grace of God and my Momager, Tammy. I have a beautiful wife who has also stood by my side, and six beautiful children who continue to love me. I’ve decided to dedicate this EP and my life to them.”

Whey Jennings has only scratched the surface of what is still yet to come. As they say, what goes around comes around.


Waylon Jennings, Whey's grandfather, was a legendary singer, songwriter, and country musician. He was pivotal to the growth in popularity that the outlaw country movement saw throughout the '70s, and even had songs featured on the first platinum country album, "Wanted! The Outlaws" which featured Willie Nelson, Tompall Glaser, and his wife Jessi Colter. 

Jessi Colter, Whey's grandmother, was most well-known for her collaborations with Waylon and became one of the few women to emerge from the outlaw country movement of the '70s. After meeting Waylon, Colter released her first studio album in 1970, and would go on to sign with Capitol Records and release country-pop hit "I'm Not Lisa." 

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